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How to become more efficient in managing your team?

You don’t have to be Good to manage your team, you have to be Remarkable to support your team.
To be remarkable, our training offer a mixture of know-how and soft skills.

Values - Agilika

You want to develop management and leadership skills?
Our guiding principles:

• Focus on customers’ needs and demand
• Collaborate with the client and share perspective (we write the proposal with the client and we discuss it)
• Long term benefit for the client


We build together a trusted relationship that contribute to your growth and success.

Executive Coaching provides you with ongoing inspirations so you can master the necessary Trust-building skills to assist your organization and improve your professional relationships.

Coaching sessions are challenging and focused on key business issues.

Our Executive Coaching is structured in 6 to 9 sessions to ongoing based on trust and long-term relationships.


Team Building

With the team and its manager, we focus on developing a sustainable level of cooperation in view of empowering the team to achieve its goals.

Executive Team Building provides the team with a secured space of experimentation. The coach gives support to the team members so that they are able to act together and in a new way. In consequence, they will experiment the efficiency of collaboration among the team members.

Following the organization needs, collaboration can be developed by working on several key business topics such as:

  • Building a shared vision
  • Choosing strategic development directions
  • Clarifying the roles of each team member
  • Establishing shared working rules for the team
  • Problem solving

Our Executive Team Building Coaching is structured as following:

  • Preliminary interview with the team manager
  • Interviews with the team members to collect their point of view and needs
  • Design the Team Building seminar with the manager
  • Facilitating the team building seminar
  • Final debriefing meeting with the manager to identify settled topics and work still to be done

We build customized learning processes mixing face to face, distance training and coaching.

Our specific expertise is the DEVELOPMENT OF INFLUENCE, and applies to the following subjects:

Management & Leadership:

  • The « Essentials » of line management
  • Leadership
  • Leading change
  • Leading cross-functional co-ordination
  • Leading a project
  • Leading cross-cultural teams

Communication skills:

  • Performing an individual review (interpersonal communication)
  • Improving your negotiation skills
  • Running meetings
  • Facilitating trainings
  • Interacting in cross-cultural teams

We can use parts of our standard programs to build customized and personal ones for you. You can obtain our standard programs upon request.

Teamworking Breakfast Meeting - Coffee Stains Circle

How does coaching work?

Our coaching approach is based on a blended process in which the consultant is constantly figuring out whether to give advice or to help the clients finding their own solutions.

We use the concept of process consultation which one of the viable models that intend to work with human systems.

  • Cultural rules of interaction
  • Initiating and managing change
  • Management of human processes in organizations

OD : Organization Development

Effective managers:

We believe that all managers can become more effective and influence situations toward desired goals in their team management if they adopt some of the coaching concepts.
Managers are result oriented, whereas effective managers concentrate on how to intervene helpfully to achieve desired results.

Different models of intervention can be used:

Our programs are devised to enable managers to capitalize on their strengths and accelerate development in the areas in which they could make even more impact. The programs offer insight, intellectual stretch, new learning, and inspire people to act. Also, our expertise in training trainers ensures the use of very powerful learning techniques.

The usual process is:


      Preliminary work with the customer, to identify the actual needs


      Release and adjustment of the proposal, along with the customer


      Participants interviews, to cross check the needs and customize the program


      Establishment of the program


      Pre involvement of the participants through an auto coaching questionnaire, to prepare them (with the support of their line manager) to the upcoming training session


      Running of the session with the participants, completed with action plans


      Return on experience session, to consolidate learnings and share on successes and remaining obstacles


    Assess the training and recommend actions for the future

Line sponsorship is strongly encouraged to enable participants to be mentored by their own managers.

We recommend two options to ensure a sustainable change:

  • Short individual coaching sessions, that can be deployed at distance, with our COACHLINE platform
  • Professional CODEVELOPMENT groups to share and capitalize on experiences
Because we:

  • Build and tailor the training with our customers
  • Are concerned with customer’s business and human empowerment
  • Make sure our trainees initiate a concrete action plan
  • Follow up with our trainees to achieve their goals

Co-founder and Executive Coach – Agilika.


Has been successfully developing consulting and training companies in the Middle East and France.
Specialized in intercultural management and expatriate coaching, she is executive coach, team builder and leadership expert

« Over the years, I saw a profound need for mentoring corporate leaders in how to effectively overcome the common traps inherent in the layers of corporate management. I realized the need to assist managers in fast changing business issues on four levels: personal, relationship, management and organizational »

Tools: MBTI, The Human Element, Gestalt Coaching, IFS, etc.
Team leadership game : Kalliance®

Jean-Denys JOUBERT

Jean-Denys Joubert

Founder of ALIGNANCE ( and AGILIKA’s partner, has been running fast developing UK and US businesses for 12 years. He is now trainer and certified coach, supervised and member of ICF.
His two areas of expertise are pedagogy and development of influence of managers.
He is certified in NLP, MBTI, DISC, and systemic analysis. He has followed extensive courses on “Leading change”.


Philippe FOURNIÉ

Philippe - Développement commercial

Certified coach, trainer and consultant, he founded 2G Accompagnements in 2006 after more than 20 years of experience in heading commercial teams.
His know-how lies at the crossing of his entrepreneurship familial culture, his initial engineer formation, his experiences in managing commercial teams and in consulting.
His 3 areas of expertise are coaching of operational managers, team coaching specially commercial teams, commercial consulting and training.

Tools: Process Com, The Human Element, Transactional Analysis, Cooperative Systemic Approach, Nonviolent Communication

The benefits of our programs:
  • Ability to communicate in a suitable manner
  • Interact smoothly with different cultures
  • Believe in your potential and develop your influence
  • Agility to deal with intercultural issues
  • Develop your confidence

Confidence is like a muscle, it has to be exercised to remain steady.
Together, we elaborate a strategy to increase your confidence.


AGILIKA’s training and coaching programs are pragmatic and business-focused with strong links to existing leadership models, and to the customers’ own team’s practices.

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