Our convictions
  • We believe that diversity creates wealth in an organization
  • We love to support managers so they seek challenges in cooperation and innovation.
  •  We are committed to respect values supporting success, performance and well-being.
Our missions
  • Agilika’s team will help you to find solutions using innovative and creative methods combining core values and management skills.
  • We want to give meaning to our actions so that organizations will be able to achieve sustainable performance, taking better care of people working in the company.
Our approches

Inspired by the continuous change:

  • Take into consideration that the human factor is at the heart of performance
  • Build up on diversity, a key for success
  • Stimulate collective intelligence to think and act differently

Focused on :

  • Transfer of know-how respecting the people’s soft skills
  • Support people and teams at the work place
  • Field action and training until you achieve autonomy
Why choose Agilika?
  • Agilika’s consultants are experts in tailor-made management consulting and organizational transformation
  • We have developed concepts, methods and tools to elaborate shared vision with meaning
  • We conduct change management process which is our core business
What do we bring to you?
  • Process an organization diagnosis as a whole (systemic) and in its global environment
  • Guide a team in its change cycle in an organization
  • Make a team work towards the formulation of its vision
  • Drive change and dynamic process of individual and collective transitions

The Team



  • Gestion des compétences

Consultante en développement des Ressources Humaines depuis 20 ans, Muriel met en place des actions de GPEC au niveau d'une entreprise et d'un territoire. Elle créée des outils de gestion RH et forme à l'utilisation de ces outils. Elle met en place des entretiens d'évaluation et accompagne les organisations dans leurs processus d'audit social.