Training: The «Essentials» of management

The « Essentials » of management

Managing is an ongoing challenge, as it consists in driving people towards a common goal , and bringing continuous added value to team members. This requires to be both a leader, a manager/pilot, and a coach.

  • New managers
  • First line managers
  • All managers willing to confront and revisit their practices
  • Plan and organise management to be able to reach objectives
  •  Create conditions for people to take responsibility
  •  Set up effective communication processes
  • Set and share rules with the group
  • Set and share goals and purposes with team members
  • Identify management styles and use them appropriately to coach people with agility
  • Prepare, implement and follow up delegations
  • Prepare and run individual reviews
  • Develop a systemic mindset
  • Develop emotional intelligence
  • Cope with tense situations
  • Participants work on their « real life » situations, which makes the training extremely useful and immediately applicable
  • Maximum of 7 participants, in order to facilitate a climate of shared confidence and openness, and to run the training in a more customized manner
  • The fourth day is an opportunity to follow participants’ action plans defined during the first 3 days , to share best practices, and to recall and illustrate key elements of the training
  • Large variety of learning tools and techniques (questionnaires, role plays, peer coaching, case studies, feedbacks)

3 days + 1 day follow up

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