Training: Leading collective and individual meetings

Leading collective and individual meetings


All Managers required to run meetings

Use English in meetings confidently.

Be heard and understood and hold the audience’s attention.

Develop fluency in expression and overcome stage fright

Use active listening to co-operate rather than confront

Influence your colleagues positively and effectively.

Face to face meetings

  • Develop active listening skills
  • Use emotional intelligence
  • Use verbal and non verbal communication to reinforce the impact of your messages
  • Prepare and run most common types of face to face meetings : performance review, activity review, reframe meeting, delegation, congratulation
  • Managing diversity and confontation

Collective meetings

  • Prepare and set the scene for an efficient meeting
  • Introduce meetings
  • Manage stage fright
  • Prepare structure and run an oral presentation
  • Develop interactive meetings, using appropriate tools
  • Run different types of meetings using appropriate attitudes and techniques
  • Run a web meeting
  • Deal with difficult participants
  • The training mostly consists in intensive trainings
  • Considerable variety of training techniques (case studies, role plays, various formats of sub group works, rich feedbacks and debriefings in coaching mode)
  • The training provides participants with a wide range of techniques to create interactivity and boost team energy

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