Our team Consulting experts will guide you to better manage the challenges for a sustainable improvement in your performance.

We are truly committed to our values and deontological codes. We intervene with the will to include women and men in your organization. It is a crucial stake during transformation phases. We put together methods and tools, allowing to face natural resistances during change. This is a token for durability.

Diagnosis of Organizations

The major stake for organizations today is innovation.

Innovation seems to be essential in companies on 3 levels:
production process, strategy and management.
Our constructivist approach allows the client to gain comprehension and coherence between the management system and the stakes implied by change. Our diagnosis is based upon Berne’s organizational theory, as well as management through vision. Besides, the definition of values strengthens the team members who become aware of their responsibilities.

Lean Management

We guide your teams on the field through the different diagnosis phases: identification of guidelines to progress, building an action plan and follow up.

From a pilot site or a global project for your company, you will become independent in using Lean management.

  • New establishment, balancing of positions, stock’s decrease, improvement of efficiency, etc.
  • Our actions include necessary trainings to master the main tools: VSM, SMED, TRS, KANBAN, Visual management, QRQC, etc.
  • Our CoachLean ®  approach allows us to consider operational and human aspects of your organization.

AGILIKA is built to help you transform a simple « Lean approach » into a real organizational project, structuring for the future.

Quality management

Thanks to the company’s experience in organizational diagnosis based on Berne’s Theory, we guide our clients through the implementation of an efficient management system. We analyze with the client what we consider to be the driving forces: simplicity, coherence of the organizational structure, pragmatism, and cooperation between the different team members.

Our experience in diverse sectors (industry, services, social and medical) allow us to offer the best of our expertise in the following situations:

  • Implementation of a quality system management, environment, security QSE
  • Training to get certified in management systems (ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, IRIS, EN9100, ISO/TS16949)
  • Improvement and/or redefinition of processes, search for Excellence (with the EFQM guide)
  • Use of tools (dashboard, internal audits, suppliers evaluation, answer to questions, hear the view point of the different parties etc.)
  • Assessment of the corporate social responsibility (with the ISO26000 guide) RSE
  • Improvement of the integration of Quality, Security and Environment in a coherent management system.
  • Individual mentoring or Team mentoring in changes related to QSE and RSE approaches.

Industrialization of new products

You wish to reinforce or externalize the process engineering procedures while developing a new product.

You have the business expertise, we guide you through the project management so that you can optimize the:

  • Organization of physical and informational flows
  • Work stations and related logistics
  • Implementation of a workshop
  • Control of risks through FMECA process
  • Editing the specific requirements for equipment
  • … and to achieve your objectives in term of cost price.

Your projects are delayed? It is not your destiny.

We help you through your organization diagnosis, to define and set up a new scenario in order to improve:

  • The project manager function: role, mission, required skills, leadership
  • The management of the project team: dashboards, reporting, planning, team management
  • Steering of the performance: identification and management of risks, planning, acceptance of stages
  • Customer relationship: contract, negotiation

Business development

The sales manager

Beyond his/her business expertise the sales manager possesses an important motivation that drives the team to achieve beyond their objectives.

The sales manager holds a key role in the development and maintenance of this motivation.

Example of missions:

Support sales representative teams in order to:

  • Structure market research
  • Provide commercial skills
  • Earn time in the global commercial process, especially by improving the capacity to persuade people
  • Implement a logic of management through objectives
  • Help the commercial direction to master their leadership skills