Change management

Why use change management?

 Change arising in the organization are often the result of mergers & acquisitions, re-organizations, financial reasons, change of directors, new strategies etc. Each time a change occurs, it troubles people’s habits inside the organization. The Teams then lose their marks as well as the sense of belonging to the organization. This can lead them to resist and oppose it.

This is why we propose a training in change management based on 3 phases named by William Bridges :

  • The ending, losing, letting go
  • The neutral zone
  • The new beginning

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Our training program guides you through the change process

It is important to understand how people are feeling as change proceeds so that they can accept it and support it.

Bridges’ Transition Model helps you do this. We’ll explore the model in this article.

  1. Identify what is coming to and end as well as who is going to lose what – We help managers and their teams to identify their losses to go further (letting go phase)
  2. Manage with success the neutral zone – We help managers and their team to find new marks and name the confusion to access with ease the following phase
  3. Ease the start of a new beginning and elaborate an action plan – Managers and their team are starting to have a clear vision on what is possible and sometimes what is better before beginning to act.

Team Stakes

Living in a chaotic and complex environment characterized by:

  • Always do more and do better – with objectives for greater performance
  • Continually improve configurations – quicker and quicker
  • Adapt in a multicultural environment
  • Work in an interdisciplinary dimension

The purpose of team management training:

Help the team to elaborate a plan that will foster:

  • Vision construction (values, missions, ambition, vocation)
  • Collective performance of all parties has to be superior to the total of the parties
  • Cohesion and cooperation between all actors
  • Autonomy and co-responsibility
  • Growth of the potential actors


“Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship…the act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.”
Peter F. Drucker


Feelings and needs according to strategy of change management

Tools for change management


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